by: Rob Wildwood

Unlike England On Fire also featured in the summer review, this gazetteer of sites includes the whole of Great Britain, plus all the small islands lying off its coast. It lists 650 magical locations all around us, with directions for how to find them, history and description of the site and stories and legends associated with it. Most importantly, every place has at least one colour photograph accompanying it, taken by the author himself, which gives us an idea of what we are going to see and encourages us to get excited about it and feel some of its magic before we actually get there. There are caves, wells, megaliths, old churches, Hills, valleys and carvings. They range in location from suburban London to the Outer Hebrides, and they serve as a reminder that the whole country can be seen as a web of magical energy. It transforms what’s around us from the mundane into the transformative; plus these are great places to visit any time.

336pp, 173 x 212 mm, Paperback, 2022, RRP £18.99