by: Melody Beattie

In Make Miracles in Forty Days, Melody Beattie shows us that we have the ability to make a miracle for any circumstance we're facing, when we act in gratitude and surrender, connecting with our essential power. She challenges us to be more present each day and details a six-week action plan, the Miracle Exercise, to jump-start transformation in our lives. She guides you in establishing the miracles you'd like to create, and offers enjoyable exercises in using the universal laws to create abundance. Melody instructs you in expressing gratitude for everything in your life: what you have and you we are. For, she says, it is crucial to recognise and acknowledge any emotional pain that you're feeling, so you can excise any denial or resistance that is holding you back. So, as you progress, instead of feeling lost, numb, or confused, you'll become more conscious, aware, and alive. Your very own miracle will begin to materialize.
192pp, 130mm x 208mm, Paperback, 2012