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MAKING MAGIC by Briana Saussy

by: Briana Saussy

There has to be a new world for this gentle kind of magic that is coming to the fore today and that people are connecting with more and more. It’s tied in with relationships, with community, with politics and the environment. It’s low key and never dramatic, but it’s still magic – and magic is nothing to be scared of. It’s like an undercurrent but it sustains you behind your daily life. It’s about changing the world and using your power. The book is full of stories and fables that illuminate magic as it works in all sorts of situations. There are also exercises to help you create an altar, consecrate a talisman and run a sacred bath. It’s a magic that weaves all that is extraordinary back into right relationship with the everyday.

240 pp, 203 x 137 mm, Paperback, 2019

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