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by: June-Elleni Laine

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Art in the form of the Mandala has been used worldwide for thousands of years, for personal growth, self-expression and spiritual transformation, and now June-Elleni Laine shows how it can simply and powerfully carry the essence of our intentions forwards into manifestation. In Mandala: The Art of Creating Future she shows how to develop this ability that we all share, but that many have forgotten, and brings forward reasons why art (a divine feminine aspect) is, at this particular time in our evolution, more important than ever. We are capable of unlimited possibilities when we learn how to focus and ?listen? to the non-thinking all knowing aspect of our consciousness, waking up the right-brain side, embracing the Arts and using our extra sensory perception. This is all part of the evolution of consciousness and what we are wakening up to as we approach 2012. June-Elleni guides you in creating powerful mandalas, even if you thought you can?t draw!
110pp, 138mm x 215mm, Paperback, 2009

'Prayer is not an old woman's idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action.'

Are we at last beginning to realise that our intentions, prayers and thoughts can actually affect physical reality? Different strands of science and the media are exploring ideas that could change how many of us view life, the universe and everything. Instead of regarding prayer as wishful thinking, we may now start to believe that our ability to affect physical reality is directly related to our ability to focus our attention and connect. These are exciting times to be alive!

The burning question still remains, how can we focus and connect for long enough to manifest our intent and in any case, how long is long enough?

Traditional spiritual leaders have indicated that hours of repetitive prayer, chanting or meditation are necessary to focus the mind and quieten the ego. Neurology is also leaning this way, as the Dalai Lama has joined forces with US scientists encouraging cutting edge brain monitoring experiments on Tibetan monks and Lamas while they meditate. Their brains show significant changes as they focus on compassion. But let's face it, when we get right down to it, most of us are challenged to focus even for short periods of time - apparently we lose focus six to eight times every minute in our daily life - annoying isn't it?

It's no wonder we are left feeling frustrated and as if we cannot affect change in our lives. We may also be tempted to agree that only adept yogis or meditators can hold their attention for long enough to manifest anything, so we give up even before making a start.

The good news is, there is something we can all learn that will help us create what we intend. There is evidence to suggest that we have an innate ability for it, but because it stems so far back along the time-line, many of us have forgotten its true value.

I am referring to the Mandala. It has been used throughout the world for personal growth, self-expression, and spiritual transformation for thousands - probably tens of thousands - of years.

There is evidence of Mandalas in cave paintings and for its regular use in shamanic practice, as well as its later development in early Asian civilizations, who regarded the Mandala as a model of the world, or the universe.

The word Mandala is derived from the root manda, meaning essence, and la, meaning container; thus a Mandala is a container of essence.

It took until the 20th Century for the West to consciously rediscover the role of the Mandala. Carl Jung believed creating Mandalas helped to make the unconscious conscious. Joseph Campbell describes drawing them as bringing the scattered aspects of your life together, finding a centre, leading us to wholeness. More recently Richard Moss (among others) uses Mandalas as a system for personal growth, reconciling the mental and emotional reality within us and the reality 'out there'.

I wish to go further; to go to the root of matter. Recent years have seen an explosion of interest in the quantum fields of energy in which we exist, and that connect all things together.

Various scientists and parapsychologists are suggesting that we can indeed 'sense' beyond the normal five senses, as we tap into these energy fields. During this interaction we can and we do discover abilities that are way beyond what we would logically expect. Maybe this is because our interface with the creative energy fields is located in the non-verbal part of the brain, which communicates in flavours and impressions, rather than in logical rods. This is the part of the mind where we are not limited by what we think we already 'know', and we are free to explore many other possibilities.

So in discovering how to successfully interact with these energy fields, increase our multi-sensory awareness, find our centre and restore our balance with creation, art is so much more important than logic and ego. And of all art, the Mandala is the most sacred. It brings our intuition and logic, our right and left-brain hemispheres, into balance. This cooperative practice is what I believe activates the very blueprint (way down in the root of the quantum field).

This 'spiritual' or 'shamanic' ritual elevates mankind from the realms of passive animalist observer, to that of active Co-Creator.

The Mandala therefore is truly the container of essence, the Holy Grail for which we have been searching, a mystical vessel holding miraculous powers, lost for centuries but right here under our very noses!

From Mandala: The Art of Creating Future, ?2009 by June-Elleni Laine, published by O Books.

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