by: Clysta Kinstler

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What was Mary Magdalene's true identity? Could she have been secretly married to Jesus? Clysta Kinstler has researched these questions in depth and has woven her findings into this beautifully written novel that restores women and the Divine Feminine to their rightful place in the unfolding of the Christ Mystery. Told movingly through Mary's eyes, this powerful tale blends together illuminating insights into the Heiros Gamos or Sacred Marriage, the ritual re-enactment of the story of Isis and Osiris, and the mysteries of goddess worship. No mere 'repentant sinner', Mary is portrayed as the Tower of her people and the chosen representative of the goddess on Earth, who brings us forth in Love, and takes us back to herself, in Love. Though 'only' a novel, Mary Magdalene, Beloved Disciple strikes a deep chord of truth. Whatever your beliefs, you will enjoy it!

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