by: Tara Brach

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Created for health professionals, and also suited to anyone interested in bringing the core techniques and insights of Buddhist psychology into practice, this experience-focused audio learning program will support your learning and help you directly experience the transformative power of mindfulness practice. With more than eight hours of expert insights, practices and tips for using mindfulness meditation and modern therapeutic methods to help untangle our difficult emotions, you'll cover the essentials of integrating mindfulness into your personal and professional life. Dr Tara Brach shows how mindfulness practice can free anyone from the false refuges of fear-based habits and judgemental thoughts. Using her R.A.I.N. technique, a four-part process that shows how to stop running away from your tangled emotions and start to lovingly face them, you'll learn how to investigate and unblock the beliefs that cause suffering. By the end of this course, you will also be able to recognise aspirations and intentions that support awakening; practice a variety of guided meditations; adapt specific mindfulness practices to individual client needs; and discuss the basic concepts of Buddhist psychology.
10 CD's 2011