by: The Happy Buddha

Don’t be tempted to underestimate this book because it is small and modest in appearance. Within its pages lies an ocean of wisdom that we can all benefit from, whether experienced meditators or beginners on the path. We visit important cornerstone practices of Buddhism, such as the Compassion Meditation and Mindfulness of Breathing. The clear messages are given in the form of simple images. Consider, for example, thinning the clouds of self interest so that the sun of compassion can shine on all, or contemplate how the jewel of joy, trapped in a block of ice, is always there to be revealed if the ice melts. By gently introducing the subtleties of mindfulness and compassion this book is a true guide towards an awakened life. And as the anonymous writer says: mindfulness and compassion are what our planet needs.

Paperback, 144pp, 2015