by: Tamara Russell

Comprehensive, clearly set out and well illustrated this is an excellent book for anyone trapped in a busy head-centred world. Drawing on her background in neuroscience and martial arts Dr Russell has developed exercises over the last ten years that explore the mind through the body. Her five point plan includes short, quick physical exercises, all to be done with full mindful awareness. The main principles are: Pause, Intention, Attention, Understanding me and Compassion. Each has its own chapter which gives in-depth and thought provoking explanations, and yet this is a highly readable and easy to follow book. From tiny changes such as a moment’s pause when the phone rings, to permanent shifts of mental habits this practical and accessible guide really does offer a whole life plan. We've all heard of mind over matter, but Tamara shows us that conscious movement can reprogramme the brain.

Paperback, 144pp, 2015

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