MIRROR WORK by Louise Hay

by: Louise Hay

The many followers of Louise Hay worldwide will be delighted to welcome a new book from this great leader in the field of achieving personal potential. Anyone new to her work will find this a great place to start exploring her philosophy. Mirror Work is a 21-day course, a step-by- step guide to self-transformation the Louise Hay way. That means affirmations, daily positive self-talk, meditations (also available as audio downloads) and much more, all drawn together in 21 chapters, each with a daily theme. Every chapter is compact, just a few pages, and designed to be practiced each morning in front of a mirror. During the day every glimpse in the mirror becomes a reminder to repeat the affirmation and revisit the lesson. The themes cover familiar territory for Hay followers: building self-esteem, loving yourself and your inner child, healing relationships, overcoming fear, now all brought together in an easy to follow programme.

Paperback, 200pp, 2016

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