by: Cico Books

Anyone who loves those positive posts that circulate on social media will enjoy this collection. The little book is a team production, a visually attractive compilation of pithy and inspiring quotes put together to energize and inspire. Some are by famous names, others are anonymous, but each quote has its own colourfully illustrated page. One might even be tempted to cut out favourite pages and pin them up where they can be seen daily. Begin on the first page with a photograph of London and the Shard towering above all the other buildings with the words “Reach for what you think is unreachable” and when you come to the final page you will find the reminded “Don’t be inspired. Be inspirational.” Keep this little book by the kettle to choose a daily thought to ponder over with your morning coffee, or slip it into your bag or pocket for a quick lift at any time of day.

Paperback, 144pp, 2016