by: Linda Tucker

Linda Tucker was rescued from an angry pride of white lions by an indigenous Shangaan medicine woman, Maria Khosa, who was also known as the Lion Queen of Timbavati . Subsequently, she returned to Africa to make sense of this bizarre and miraculous intervention. Maria became her shaman teacher, as she embarked on an extraordinary journey to discover the profound mystery behind the so-called Children of the Sun God, the White Lions of Timbavati - the most sacred and mysterious animals alive today. This is a mystical journey into the knowledge and ceremonies of Old Africa, in which humans and lions are able to cross the species barrier - in accordance with the most guarded secrets of Ancient Egypt and humankind s greatest riddle, the sphinx. It is also a real living journey. Shamans believe that killing a lion-sun god is the ultimate sacrilege, and that how we treat such precious symbols of God in nature may determine how nature treats the human species. Linda s experiences show a legend unfolding in our extraordinary times.