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NEW URBAN FARMER Celia Brooks-Brown

by: Celia Brooks-Brown

As the New Urban Farmer, Celia shares her gardening expertise, learnt through a combination of hard graft, trial and error, and shared tips from the other allotmenteers. This knowledge has been distilled into a year-round gardening book that is part-journal, part-gardening manual and part-recipe book with one aim: to inspire you to cultivate and enjoy your own delicious homegrown produce. New Urban Farmer is divided by season, and for each month of the year Celia starts with a rundown of what is both good to sow and good to eat, then highlights the key jobs for that period along with the main stars of the vegetable plot, finishing up with mouth-watering recipes that will put the month's harvest to best use. For keen growers without an allotment, Celia also gives advice throughout on raising crops in pots, growbags and window boxes. Bright, cheerful, green and honest, this is an ideal book for beginner gardeners, as well as providing a feast for the experienced, too.
208pp, 170mm x 245mm, illus. in colour, softback, 2010