by: David Adam

This joyful book will help you find a way to the holy and the beautiful through every ordinary circumstance of your life. David Adam is one of the best-loved figures in Celtic Spirituality, and in Occasions for Alleluia he intersperses his own warm, friendly wisdom with the most exquisite quotations, carefully chosen from literature throughout the ages, to provide a guiding hand along the road to seeing every single moment of your life - even the tough ones - as a moment for joy, gratitude and celebration. At the end of each chapter David guides you through simple exercises and gentle prayers that prompt your own reflections and help you to become more at home with and aware of the divine presence in all things. David reminds us of a life-changing truth: that the ordinary is far more extra-ordinary than we might ever have ever thought. When the eyes of our hearts are opened this way we will see a whole new world, and find we have endless Occasions for Alleluia.

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