by: Candlelight Cinema

This remarkable film seems to start as just another documentary yet the question asked to all the speakers is close to the heart of the Cygnus Community: How can the current crisis be turned into a global Love story? We see trouble spots made familiar to us on the small screen, Tahrir Square in Egypt, Times Square during the Occupy Movement, but from an entirely fresh perspective, we see old and young, employed and unemployed, muslims and christians and Jews all talking together, breaking bread together, exploring how to build the world from the bottom up. Why haven’t we seen this before? What we see unfolding in front of us are not

demonstrations against something but demonstrations of new ways of being together. We also hear the views of independent minded visionaries such as Barbara Marx Hubbard and Elisabeth Sahtouris and many more as they delve into alternative systems in economics, sustainability, empathy and evolutions across the globe.

What the film shows, triumphantly, is that love can unite as much as greed can divide.Vancouver International Film Festival
“An eye-opening and must-see film that is best watched in a group. It will inspire you to begin your own peaceful and life-changing revolution."

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