ON ALCHEMY by Brian Cotnoir

by: Brian Cotnoir

Brian Cotnoir is a well-known contemporary authority on alchemy and this is not just the psychological aspect but also the literal chemical kind. This is a beautifully-packaged little hardback that could fit in your pocket. It’s full of line drawings and classic alchemical engravings. Alchemy is traditionally a bit impenetrable but if anything could open it up it’s this book, although what’s nice is that it also maintains the mystery around alchemy. It contains many practices including meditations and visualisations. Because it’s so great to look at, it would also make a great gift to friends who are on a spiritual quest. On Alchemy is the antidote to all those books nowadays about Manifestation. This is the ancient road to Manifestation and it requires hard work but the rewards can be incalculable.

120pp, 185 x 130 mm, Hardback, 2023, RRP £12.99