by: Katie Cadence

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Track List
On The Wings Of An Angel
The Gentle Touch
Celestrial Calm
My Little Angel
Soaring And Sweeping
Angelic Atmospheres
Cherubs At Play
Magical Exploration

Music has the power to open realms of beauty and love. Its mere suggestion through carefully sculptured sound allows the brain to create landscapes beyond the actual. On the Wings of an Angel, beautifully composed and performed by Katie Cadence, has such an ability to release your consciousness. A light classical style, with celestial feel, has been created to soothe both body and soul. Katie's use of melody and tingling harmony gradually creates a 4-d sensation, where time and sense of the physical body fades into a deep sense of protection and peace. The eight ethereal tracks explore the realms of angels. Lyrical piano is soothed by sensitive strings and instrumentation allowing each listener's own interpretation of the celestial world. This wonderful piece of music will be an aid in all areas of daily life where a helping of tranquillity and inspiration is required.

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