by: Diane Ackerman

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We are wildly enthusiastic about this moving, beautiful book. Diane Ackerman charts what it ªÆs like to be lost at sea with someone you love, after her husband suffers a stroke and Paul, a professor with a phenomenal vocabulary, is reduced to a single incomprehensible syllable. Their verbal connection was destroyed with the part of his brain that processes and comprehends language. Tentatively this redemptive story exposes their hopelessness, then renewed hope as their joyous wordplay is restored, and brain connections to the mind, body and spirit, painstakingly re-formed. One of the most beautifully written books you will ever read, it is informative, funny, touching and profound, and spiritually uplifting. Unmissable.
322pp, 140mm x 208mm, Paperback, 2012
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Two Special video interviews with Diane Ackerman & her husband Paul