OVERWHELMED Brigid Schulte

by: Brigid Schulte

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When overwhelmed and overworked Brigid Schulte met an eminent sociologist who studies time and was told that she enjoyed thirty hours of leisure each week, she thought her head was going to pop off. What followed was a trip down the rabbit hole of busy-ness to discover why so many of us find it near-impossible to press the 'pause' button on life and what causes this puzzling inhibition. Overwhelmed maps the individual, historical, biological and societal stresses that have ripped working parents’ leisure to shreds, and asks how it might be possible for us to put the pieces back together. Seeking insights, answers and inspiration, Brigid explores why it's so hard for everyone - but women especially - to feel they deserve an elusive moment of peace, and offers groundbreaking solutions to reclaim our lives.