Pilgrimage to Iona

by: Claire Nahmad

Pilgrimage to Iona takes you on a revelatory journey, detailing Iona’s history, magic and deep significance in addition to the veneration it inspires in its numerous pilgrims. It also explains Rosslyn’s fascinating links to the extraordinary and enigmatic Rosslyn chapel. In 1546, Mary of Guise, Queen Regent and mother of Mary Queen of Scots, was shown ‘a great secret within Rosslyn’ whose wonder and sacredness remained with her throughout her life. This ‘great secret’, never before disclosed, is fully unveiled in all its detail along with the enduring mysteries of Iona. Pilgrimage to Iona reaches back into the depths of this hallowed isle’s history and, in doing so, enables you to awaken to the radiant spiritual truths of the present.

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