POWER OF RELAXATION by Yogi Ashokananda

by: Yogi Ashokananda

Anyone who taught himself how to meditate while standing in Oxford Street, London, knows what he is talking about. Yogi Ashokananda teaches us how to embrace our human side before trying to fix our spiritual side through practicing meditation and yoga from the three base chakras up. Meditation happens through the body not despite it.
The book teaches us how to challenge the body physically and focus attention on the lower chakras, so allowing us to bridge the gap between our material and spiritual self, so healing any conflicts or splits arising from living in today's busy and ever-active society. As a teaching tool to help us to explore all aspects of our body and our personality, this is a powerhouse of a book containing a complete course in mind-body-spirit integration which will assist at all levels of life. All the techniques are explained simply and clearly with colour pictures (as essential for yoga as they are in a cookery book), ‘The Power of Relaxation’ is the ideal book not only to introduce you to the fundamental basics of yoga but also to provide an everyday guide book for a balanced and peaceful life. 

160pp, 164mm x 234mm, Paperback, 2015