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by: Jane Fonda

In this motivational and candid book, Jane Fonda, gives us a blueprint for living well and for making the most of life, especially the second half of it. Covering sex, love, food, fitness, self-understanding, spiritual and social growth and your brain, she offers a vision for abundant living and maturing. Jane uses two metaphors, the arch and the staircase, as two visions of life, then shows how to see your life the staircase way, namely as one of continual ascent. She explains how you can come to understand the earlier decades of your life by performing a life review and reveals how to use it to let go of old patterns, to see what means the most to you and to cultivate new goals and dreams, to make the most of the mature years. She also makes suggestions about meditation and how creating fresh pathways in your brain can add quality to your life. With new found positivity, we can be happier in the second half of our lives than we have ever been before.
432pp, 156mm x 240mm, illus. in b&w, hardback, 2011