by: Elaine Fox

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Some people have a sunny nature; they look at the world optimistically. Other people tend to be more pessimistic; they worry and look for danger. These attitudes are hardwired into the brain. When the fear brain is too strong, debilitating shyness, anxiety or depression can result. But research shows that those with a natural inclination toward pessimism, can learn to do what makes sunny-natured people feel happier. There are techniques that can alter our brain's circuitry, to retrain us to seek pleasure so that we have a more positive attitude. Biological and psychological research into neurological processes, the neurotransmitters that affect our mood, our emotional intelligence and how we read signals to make sense of our social interactions, make this book a powerful tool for mood management, to enable us to improve our experience of life and achieve more positive outcomes.

244pp, 135mm x 216mm, paperback, 2012