RAISING BOYS Steve Biddulph

by: Steve Biddulph

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`If we want more good men in the world, we must start treating boys with less blame and more understanding.' We would like to see those words printed on a great big banner, right across the sky. What's the good of the women's movement if men don't change as well? This breakthrough book will show you how you can play your part in raising a new generation of men, in whom the mistakes of past generations are at last healed. Steve Biddulph explains that, yes, boys are - as you may have suspected - different from girls, and that they therefore need to be treated differently. But how? He shows you how to teach boys to be happy, confident and kind; how testosterone changes behaviour and what to do about it, and how boys' brains are different from girls'. You will learn much about how to understand boys' vulnerabilities and what to do about them, and how mothers teach boys about life and love. Steve also outlines the five essentials that fathers provide (and what to do if you're a single mum) and covers the important issue of how to help boys learn a caring attitude to sex. He also describes eight major changes schools must make to be good places for boys.