by: Vadim Zeland

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If you want to take your understanding of the Law of Attraction to the next level, Reality Transurfing is for you. Russian quantum physicist Vadim Zeland was not enjoying his life. Then one night he had a powerful dream, in which a wise man set him a riddle: 'Everyone can acquire the freedom to choose anything they want. Here is your riddle: how do you get this freedom' If you solve the riddle, your apples will fall into the sky.' Naturally enough, Zeland thought the idea of apples falling into the sky sounded quite silly at the time, but when he woke up he had the strong feeling that some very important information had somehow been put into his mind, and that his task would be to find a way to express it in words. Thus Transurfing was born: a method for literally choosing your destiny, in much the same way as you would choose an item in a shop!
1: The Space of Variations - learn how to navigate this metaphysical information structure that stores scenarios of all possible events; the space from which our dreams, clairvoyance, intuitive knowledge and insight come. Under certain energy conditions, what you have conceived or created will be realized. [190304, œ6.99]
2: A Rustle of Morning Stars - learn more about how the Law of Attraction really works: there are two sorts of intention: internal and external, and it is only when these two are in alignment that manifestation occurs. [190305, œ6.99]
3: Forward to the Past - Transurfing is a method of allowing rather than making our desires materialize - you need to allow good health, and allow the world to come and meet you with open arms. [190306, œ6.99]
Now the phenomenon continues...
Despite its title this book is not in the domain of fantasies! When you progress in this next stage of Transurfing, everyday life will be shown in a new, unfamiliar disguise, thus becoming far more incredible than any mystic things. You will, says Vadim Zeland, be convinced that reality is not quite what you normally think it is. In the previous book, Ruling Reality you learned that human beings are able to control reality, if they can get rid of the illusion of the dual mirror. In this book you will learn how to do just that. Then, having received a key to controlling reality, you will discover the world where the impossible comes true. Although a lot of things will seem unusual, remember: they are not a figment of the imagination - everything is real.
122pp, 140mm x 216mm, softback, 2011