by: Jerome O'connell

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In this spiritual practice using sacred sound, Jerome O'Connell helps you to relax, to open, expand and activate your light body's energy centres or 'chakras', and connect to the light body of the Earth. Using strong and colourful imagery Jerome helps you visualize, raise and absorb the Earth's energy or 'Chi' into your heart centre and to use that heart power to open the inner pathways of your light body. You are then taken on a guided meditation to connect with the ancestral bears in their ancient cave within the light body of the Earth. Accessing ancient memories of times long ago when human beings lived wild in the caves within the Earth, times when our relationship to animals and nature was more direct, you learn to to connect to your own ancient wild heart, and to your own special Bear Spirit Ancestor, who can walk with you in your daily life and give you strength and support in these demanding and changing times.

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