REINVENT ME by Camille Sacre-Dallerup

by: Camille Sacre-Dallerup

In Reinvent Me you will discover exercises, success stories and new tools to overcome barriers and start anew. Each chapter ends with an affirmation for you to use as you complete each part of the programme. 

The Reinvent Me Programme in a Nutshell:
  • RECOGNIZE: Work out where you are and where you need to go
  • EGO: Learn how to free yourself from ego-based decisions 
  • INNOVATION: Plan what action you need to take to start turning your dream into a reality
  • NOW: Stop procrastinating and start taking action! 
  • VISUALIZE: Picture your reinvented life and find the courage within to start your new venture now
  • EVOLVE: Learn to go with the flow of life and become more you
  • NURTURE: Discover why it s essential to nurture your talents and yourself as you go through the process of reinvention
  • TRANSFORMATION: Commit to your reinvention and embrace the new you
For more information about Camilla's coaching work visit www.zenme.tv

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