RESONANCE Joyce Hawkes

by: Joyce Hawkes

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In Resonance, cell biologist and healer Joyce Hawkes offers a blend of science, spirit and storytelling, richly detailed with her experiences studying shamanic healing in Southeast Asia and stories of the people she has assisted back to health. You will discover findings about the language of your cells and how these tiny constituents of your body communicate, connect and touch. You'll also learn mind-body imagery, insights and empowering healing techniques that will take you on a deep inner journey. Throughout the book, Joyce also describes the profound, numinous experiences she shared with shamans, priests and healers. Each chapter is presented as a couplet - two words, two related ideas that together provide a simple, grounded starting place for your personal practice of health and vitality. Resonance gives you valuable tools to enhance your health at the cell level, your spirit at the soul level and your consciousness at the mystery level.
256pp, 134mm x 214mm, Paperback, 2012

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