ROSE ORACLE by Rebecca Campbell

by: Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca is another UK-based Hay House author with an exciting new deck. Originally from Australia, she now lives in Glastonbury. Her most recent book was Letters to a Starseed and her teachings are gentle and genuinely mystical. Everyone knows that the rose is a classic spiritual symbol across history. Here Rebecca presents 44 cards with different images of the rose in different stages of development, and they are beautiful and intriguing. Of course there is also a book with extra guidance and teachings. The cards range from The Anointer and The Breathing Rose to The Holy Grail and The Mystic Rose. A sample message on one card is “Silver Lining. Relief. Hope. It’s over. Acceptance.” The cards are all presented in her classic colours – pinks and violets – and are (not exclusively) feminine oriented.

168pp, 141 x 101 mm, Boxed Set, Paperback with 44 colour cards, 2022, RRP £18.99