SACRED OILS by Felicity Warner

by: Felicity Warner

We all know the benefit of a drop of aromatherapy oil in our bath or our diffuser. But few people know about the benefit of ‘sacred oils’. A practice that dates back thousands of years via knowledge passed down from master to master. These sacred oils have special energies. Some you may know: Rose, Patchouli. Others you may not: Opoponax, Ravensara. All have powerful properties that work on a light body and soul level, not just the physical. Felicity Warner’s book takes us on a healing journey that starts back in Egypt and Babylon, where these 20 sacred oils were worshipped for their esoteric properties, and brings them into the present day detailing how we they can empower our path to enlightenment.

272pp, 177 x 127 mm, Paperback, 2022