by: Philip Permutt

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Do you find yourself drawn to certain rocks, pebbles and crystals - from the huge blocks at ancient sites like Stonehenge, to that outwardly ordinary pebble that calls to you to pick it up from beach and hold it? Do you see images and faces in them sometimes, and would you like to learn how to interpret their messages? Sacred Stones and Crystals takes you on a journey of discovery to connect with them, tuning in to them to appreciate how stones can focus, store, transmit and transmute their innate energy. Learn of sacred sites, of gathering stones without harming their environment, of rock art (painting your own, too) and of working with your companion stones, including making your own medicine bag collection. Whilst touching on familiar crystal healing, the beauty of Sacred Stones and Crystals is in its consideration beyond the bright and sparkling, in simple exercises of meditation, creativity and bonding.
160pp, 190mm x 235mm, illus in colour, Paperback, 2011