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by: Shirley Maclaine

Shirley MacLaine has established herself as a fearless, iconoclastic thinker and seeker of truth. Her eagerly-awaited new book features an irresistible blend of stories from her life as a Broadway and Hollywood star combined with her lifelong search for spiritual clarity and meaning. Full of personal aneCDotes and reflections, she confronts the realities and rewards of growing older, looking back at where her journey has taken her and coming to a greater understanding of her own place in the universe. With her trademark wit and candour, Sage-ing While Age-ing explores a wealth of issues ranging from nutrition and health to what happens to us after death. It is sure to delight her fans and fellow travellers everywhere.
270pp, 130mm x 198mm, Paperback, 2008

Synchronistic events, to me, point toward an organizational principle of the universe and suggest that our connection with a higher order of consciousness is never far from the surface of ordinary awareness. In one sense synchronicity can be called a meaningful intersection of paths. And in another as an interface with an alternative dimension of reality. There is a kind of connecting principle between people and events. Maybe they are a bridge for communication with the creative source for our universe. When it happens to you, you examine your feelings. You experience a sense of awe and mystery. The experience stirs up, through some type of deep resonance, a feeling of truth, some kind of intuitive knowingness. You feel less alone, as if touched by a mysterious and hidden cocreative partner. Could that partner be the God Source? Did the experience generate a high motivation and energy? Did it even make you experience passion? By recognizing these synchronistic events, we have a new purpose and meaning for our life because we are living and working with Creation. If we listen to these events, to these occurrences, we can develop and enhance our creativity or our cocreativity for serving all of life, and then we develop a passion for all living things and for our environment. Synchronistic events can be seen as little miracles through which this unseen but powerful consciousness manifests itself into our lives. We still have our free will. That is, we have the choice to ignore these little events, we can even ridicule them, but we would be ignoring our inner partner, our inner source of help that's like an artful mosaic. And by being open to that inner partner, we soon discover our unique role within the larger design of life and our destiny.

For example, you might find yourself broke at one time, desiring to buy something that you are not able to afford, and suddenly you find money hidden in a drawer that is exactly the amount of money you need to buy what you want. You might find, as I have experienced lately in this world of technological communication, that I wanted to know something about a certain subject. I would turn on the television set and there is that subject being discussed in depth on the History Channel. These events happen to millions of people every day. Sometimes we ignore them, sometimes we explore the depth and breadth of what they mean. I don't think it is a question of luck. Synchronicity is the connecting link that we have to a nonmaterial and nonphysical reality. It may be beyond our physical and mental understanding but it is there nevertheless. It can't be explained as accident or coincidence. Proof of its existence has been investigated by many philosophies and religions that have suspected or affirmed it for thousands of years.

Meaningful synchronicities happen to everyone. Whether one is aware of them is the question. And the person who is aware of the occurrence is by far the best qualified to define and understand and comprehend it, because it is personal, reassuring that person that there is a great and caring intelligence helping his or her destiny.

Obviously, then, appreciating the synchronicity of these events in your life gives you a deepened sense of identity and self-worth, while it also gives meaning and direction and purpose to your existence. In its highest manifestation, synchronicity is nothing less than your personal connection to the ultimate mystery of the source in the universe. Sometimes they are the most important episodes in your life, incidents that quite literally transform you. In time, these synchronistic events, if you really pay attention to them, can lead to profound self-discoveries about who you really are and what you really are here for.

When I learned to respect these events and live my life by being aware of the synchronicity of them, I saw that they had been there for me all the time if I had just noticed them. Then I had to decide what they meant. I took what they call a 'leap of faith.' It was difficult at first to trust my life to this unseen power, but when I finally surrendered to it, my life became profoundly magical. The more I acted on my feelings and my intuitions, the more reliable the power became. If I accepted that the meaningful coincidences were messages and instructions, advice, warnings, and guidance to me from the unseen God Source of my intuitive inner self, where the ultimate truth of my identity sat, then I realized that the information given to me must be truthful and for my benefit, because it was coming from an all-loving source. I then began to lead a more authentic life, and I began to become more and more aware of my own personal truth. All I really did was surrender. The power of surrender was so much more powerful and meaningful than my will. When I didn't know how to play a scene, I simply surrendered to the 'unseen,' and it came to me. When I didn't know what was going wrong with a relationship, I surrendered until it became blindingly clear. I even used 'surrender' to direct me during rush hour for the best direction to go to avoid traffic.

The power of surrender to a guided synchronicity has been the most meaningful lesson of my life. I wish it hadn't taken so long!

From Sage-ing While Age-ing, ?2008 by Shirley Maclaine, published by Pocket Books.

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