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SAY NO TO DIABETES Patrick Holford

by: Patrick Holford

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Do you have diabetes or are you worried about developing it? Contrary to popular belief, in the vast majority of cases, diabetes is not only preventable, but also reversible - making a lifetime of medication and side-effects unnecessary. In Say No to Diabetes, nutrition expert Patrick Holford presents a complete action plan for sufferers of type-1 diabetes, type-2 diabetes and the forerunner of type-2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome. He outlines the causes of the current diabetes 'epidemic' and explains the keys for preventing and reversing diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Comprehensive and accessible, Say No to Diabetes provides an anti-diabetes diet, recipes, a daily supplement programme and advice on how to undo the damage caused by diabetes and diabetes drugs. Based on the latest scientific findings, combined with easy-to-follow advice and motivating case histories, this practical programme will help you to understand and regulate out-of-control blood sugar levels safely and effectively, with no dangerous side effects.
357pp, 152mm x 234mm, illus. in b&w, Paperback, 2011

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