by: Mette Handberg

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To evoke a traditional Christmas atmosphere, a classic Christmas stocking hand-made in seasonal colours is a must. Mette Handberg shares the secrets of her age-old craft with you so that you too can create glorious Christmas stockings in rich and striking Scandinavian style. Mette tells us that in Norwegian folklore, the Christmas elf was associated with the custom of hanging out the Christmas stocking and that he would fill it with elf-sized gifts. She has designed her 23 Christmas stockings to meet various levels of knitting skill. They are based on old Norwegian and Selbu designs such as ÔÇÿendless rose', ÔÇÿblack cat' and ÔÇÿfolk-dance'. Some have tassels and pom-poms to give extra festive flair, but as Mette says, the important thing, whether fancy or plain, is that you should enjoy making them!