by: Malcom Hollick

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We all know in theory that we are One, but wouldn't it help to deepen our awareness of this important fact, and make it more real to us, if we were to gain an understanding of some of the science behind that? This excellent book explains the philosophy and methods of the new Science of Oneness. It takes a fresh look at modern scientific findings, including fringe fields such as parapsychology, and integrates them with insights from spiritual traditions. Weaving science together with experiential, spiritual and cultural knowledge, it presents a scientifically valid vision of reality that is conscious, creative, loving, and purposeful. It challenges us all to guide the evolution of humanity and the Earth in positive directions. Each chapter offers activities, thought-provoking questions and guided meditations to stimulate intuitive understanding. The Science of Oneness provides a coherent world view for cultural creatives, the holism movement, and everyone searching for meaning in our fragmented world.