SECRETS OF THE LIGHT Dannion Brinkley with Kathryn Brinkley

In Secrets of the Light, Dannion Brinkley shares the lessons he learned in the afterlife so we, too, can fulfil our true purpose in life. During each of no fewer than three near-death experiences, he visited the other side and received valuable teachings and spiritual knowledge, which he has incorporated into his daily life. He now shares these truths and shows how to use them to enhance health, happiness, and prosperity, using his path of love, choice, belief and prayer to follow your destiny. You will also learn how to perform a ?daily life review? ? a quick assessment of your daily life that acts as a reminder to stay true to yourself and treat others with kindness. With wit, humour, and compassion, Brinkley shows that by always being conscious of your actions and how they affect others, you will find happiness in this life and beyond.204pp, 135mm x 216mm, Paperback, 2008