SEEDBOMBS Josie Jeffery

by: Josie Jeffery

Seedbombs is a gorgeous book in which Josie Jeffery introduces a wonderful way of encouraging plants to grow in all sorts of places. She shows you how to mix compost and clay with seeds - many of which can be collected from the wild - rolling the mixture to form perfect little packages to be placed or thrown into any urban or country space to disperse their contents. Some recipes are designed to grow plants to attract birds, butterflies, and much needed bees, others are created for colour, scent, wellbeing, allotment produce and wild salads. Josie describes their Japanese origins; explores the guerrilla gardening way of transforming wasteland and communal spaces into an abundance of growth; and reveals the benefits to nature, the urban environment, and community health. With vibrant photography and loads of information on habitats, plant choice, aftercare and use, is a great source of family and community fun that will keep growing and growing.
128pp, 160mm x 216mm, hardback, illus in colour,2011