by: Adam Ford

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The pleasure of silence is available to everyone - it can be solace in times of stress, helping to regenerate our spirits; it can also be a source of great creative energy. Seeking Silence in a Noisy World explores simple ways to find, enjoy and savour moments of mindful solitude in our daily lives. Some, says Adam Ford, will be just a few minutes brought into your day's routine. Others can be a whole weekend - how about an impulsive visit to the seaside, or an organized retreat? A dedicated silence-seeker, Adam wisely 'interrogates the quiet spaces' and pauses in life, including drawing upon the spiritual use of solitude in religious traditions from Native American initiation ceremonies to Christian hermitages. He examines the creative power of silence as a source of inner strength and self-knowledge. Through personal aneCDote and practical daily meditations, Seeking Silence in a Noisy World shows how we can all find plenty of soothing peace to nourish our spirits in a noisy world.
144pp, 134mm x 204mm, illus in b&w, hardback, 2011

Extract: Silent Night & the Stars
A short walk in the dark before going to bed can be a very restful thing. Above the turmoil of the world, beyond the clouds, the Moon and stars drift silently across the sky; contemplating them can relax our being into a more peaceful state of mind.

It helps to know the constellations, to be able to repeat their names and the names of the stars within them. Getting to know the night sky is simpler than it sometimes seems and very rewarding; the stars are always there, and only the Moon and planets change their positions as you become familiar with the shapes of the constellations. Many of their names are ancient - Orion and the Pleiades, Ursa Major the Great Bear, and Cygnus the Swan. Contemplating them in silence can be a great balm after a noisy day.

The Sound of Starlight
In actual fact the stars themselves are not silent; they are gigantic furnaces of restrained power. The stars roar, but we don't hear them, because they are so far away and because interstellar space is virtually empty and so sound waves cannot reach us. Distance (as sometimes between people!) lends its own peace and silence.
From Seeking Silence in a Noisy World by Adam Ford, published by Ivy Press.