by: Wendy Taylor

Shaman in Disguise is the remarkable true story of a woman who woke up one morning not only to find that she could see into the future, but that she was also aware of dramatic events happening simultaneously miles away. Wendy Taylor describes how, for six weeks she moved in this mystical realm of shifted awareness and consciousness, living outside our concept of time. Suddenly these incredible abilities vanished, and knowing her life could never return to how it was, she set out on a spiritual quest to try to understand what happened, determined to re-connect with this source of wisdom and healing. On the way, she experienced synchronistic meetings, initiations and ceremonies with indigenous people at the furthest reaches of the world. Today she is recognised and respected by shamans worldwide as a healer and shapeshifter. Shaman in Disguise is an amazing story - all the more so, because it is true.
217pp, 140mm x 214mm, Paperback, 2010

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