by: Lisa Estabrook

I can’t be the only person who feels that they have been supported and lifted up in these difficult times by the plant world, both by the physical beings and by them on a spiritual level. They are beautiful living entities which can be found in our gardens, in the local park or growing between the paving stones. This 44 card and guidebook set features full-colour plants with a short statement describing what that plant’s particular message might be. We can then use that wisdom to advise our own life, depending on the card we draw. Our existences are all intertwined and we can all work together to create a beautiful world. The book describes all the different ways we can use the cards plus more information on what they might be saying. A great majority if not all the plants thrive here in Europe. Finally, the author is both an artist and a herbalist - a great combination.

176pp, 195 x 133 mm booklet. Boxed set including 44 full-colour cards, 2022, RRP £25.00