SPIRITUAL GOLD by Pauline Delcour-Min

by: Paulinne Delcour-Minn

Answers to the big questions about life don’t lie out there, they can only be found within ourselves. We come to a life with certain hopes of what we want to achieve, but over the years we forget and need to listen to our hearts and our guides to remember what those wishes were and what our soul’s purpose truly is. The author tells her own story of overcoming her mother’s negative influence and finding healing and greater awareness. She tells of meeting with angels and being drawn to reveal secrets of the crystal skull. She also explores regression to past lives and describes her own intense experiences. The stories she relates are vivid and powerful. As Nadia she meets Jesus and listens to his teachings. In another life she is Mary of Bethsaida and again meets the Saviour. The stories are extraordinary but told with sincerity and
deep conviction.

208pp, 140 x 214 mm, Paperback, 2018