by: Dr Allan Hunter

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Why is it so many of us feel restless, alone, unfulfilled and needy? In a world of physical plenty, why do so many people suffer from the pain of spiritual hunger and choose to fill that emptiness with destructive habits? Because, says Dr Hunter, the deeply satisfying myths and rituals that human beings have used to give meaning to their lives for thousands of years, are being rapidly degraded and substituted with bogus fast food versions pushed by multi-national corporations seeking profit from our unhappiness. In this book you will find out how to distinguish between real myths and the hollow, false versions celebrated in our modern culture. You will discover how, throughout genuine rituals and myths, run the threads of six specific archetypes: innocent, orphan, pilgrim, warrior-lover, monarch and magician. And you will learn how to support and develop these archetypes as the true, deep structures of your psyche. The result will be a noticeable improvement to your happiness, health and relationships, and a greatly enhanced sense of connection - to your soul, and to life.
172pp, 152mm x 228mm, Paperback, 2012