SPIRITUAL LIBERATION Michael Bernard Beckwith

by: Michael Bernard Beckwith

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What would we do if we truly understood the power we have within ourselves, the perfection of our inner being, and the transformation that awaits us? In this enjoyable and thoroughly positive handbook for spiritual revolutionaries, Michael Bernard Beckwith - a dynamic spiritual leader known to many through The Secret - challenges us to search within for the key to unlock our future, preparing us for the great transformation that is ours to experience. His purpose is to ignite within you a desire to establish a transformative spiritual practice, and to show you how to cultivate and sustain it. Beckwith recounts his own spiritual opening, shares his core teachings on transformation, peace, abundance and the habits of highly evolved people, offers affirmations and many more practical tools for spiritual aspirants at all levels of practice. Once you start reading this powerful book, you just won?t want to put it down!
268pp, 156mm x 234mm, hardback, 2008

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