SPLENDOR SOLIS by Stephen Skinner et al

by: Stephen Skinner et al

This is a particularly special book for Cygnus to feature as plant cures in the Amazon are not our usual market. But it was so brilliant we featured it when it was hardback and now we are excited to carry the paperback too! The book follows documentary maker Nick Polizzi as he takes 8 sick people into the heart of the Amazon rainforest to put the mysterious medicine of native shamans to the test. It describes how the old ways can cure people of the toughest illnesses; it’s full of well-drawn and complex characters; it coaxes the readers into a fully-formed magical world away from electronic distractions and frivolous pursuits. It’s an immersive and encouraging account and a fascinating read.

256pp, 229 x 154 mm, Paperback, 2019