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ST JOHN'S Rudolf Steiner

by: Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) was a modern initiate, who taught about human evolution, the reality of the spiritual worlds and, above all, the transforming power of love. His work provided an impetus for the spiritual renewal of many human activities, including education, agriculture, medicine, economics, philosophy, the arts and religion.Steiner's original contribution to human knowledge was based on his ability to conduct 'spiritual research?, the investigation of metaphysical dimensions of existence. A natural seer from childhood, he had cultivated his spiritual vision to a high degree, enabling him to speak with authority on previously veiled mysteries of life.We think of Christmas and Easter on the one hand as integrally associated with the Christian religion, and on the other hand with the rampant consumerism and indulgence that surrounds them. But could it be that they - along with the other key festivals of Michaelmas, Whitsun and St John - are actual spiritual events that exist independently of religious denomination and cultural history?This series of introductory readers brings together excerpts from Steiner's many talks and writings on the subject of festivals, with each volume featuring an editorial introduction, afterword, commentary and notes.
This midsummer festival, explains Steiner, is of expansion, breathing out, and finding the Greater Self in each of us. From spring to summer the earth loses its inner spirituality, and these elemental beings pass from the earth out into the cosmos.
106pp, 124mm x 174mm, Paperback, 2007

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