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Star Magic - Heal the You-Niverse Jerry Sargeant

by: Jerry Sargeant

Are you ready to love? Are you ready to heal? Are you ready to remember?Star Magic contains Codes of Consciousness that were present on earth in ancient Egyptian times. Jerry Sargeant has, through a series of major life events, reawakened this transformational ancient energy to unleash the full human potential of every living being. Learn how to harness extra-terrestrial light frequencies and bring them in safely and effectively to energize, uplift and empower your own life and the lives of others.

The codes contained within the light will elevate consciousness in a phenomenal way and create freedom for human-kind, by connecting every man, woman and child, through their heart, to unconditional love. Star Magic, as well as being the most powerful healing modality on the planet, is a lifestyle. It's an opportunity to be free, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Star Magic is a way of life that you will live with passion, once you learn how to harness and know the power that lies within you. Star Magic is the key to unlock the door to a free, loving and compassionate world. A space nurtured and cradled in love.

You must go deep, way down into the labyrinth of your infinite mind and the depths of your fearless heart to remember the power of alchemy, where magic and miracles will be your everyday experience. Are you ready and willing to saddle up and take a journey through space, and enter the dimensional doorway that allows us to ride the inter-planetary waves of our beloved Cosmos?