by: Simon Small

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Star Pilgrim is a brilliant new novel, set in the near future, that explores the awesome mystery of being. An enigmatic vessel of light arrives on Earth from the depths of space, revealing nothing of its occupants or purpose. Joseph Williams, a misfit priest, confused by powerful mystical experiences and tormented by unanswered questions as to the meaning of his life, is pulled out of obscurity into a strange relationship with the vessel. Plunged into a great adventure, he is forced to go into hiding from worried governments. Help comes from an unlikely alliance of a wiccan wise woman, a bishop and a mysterious Greek magician. Given sanctuary by an ancient esoteric sect, glimpses emerge of what might be happening. But it is only in his final, climactic encounter with the vessel of light that understanding comes. In finding answers to the riddles of his own life, he is confronted with the greatest questions of existence and forced to make a fundamental choice as to the future.
362pp, 140mm x 216mm, Paperback, 2010