by: Irvin D. Yalom

Death anxiety is the price we pay for our self-awareness: the shadow from which we cannot be separated. We cannot live frozen in fear, so we turn to our children, to wealth, or to a belief in a higher power to soften death' s terror. But in spite of the staunchest of our defences, death anxiety is never completely subdued: it is always there, lurking in the hidden ravines of our minds. At the age of seventy and facing his own fear of death, Dr. Irvin D. Yalom tackles his toughest subject yet, and finds it to be the root cause of patients' fears, stresses and depression. Here is a book of wisdom for us all about confronting and coping with our fear of death. As Dr. Yalom says, Everyone is destined to experience both the exhilaration of life and the fear of mortalityª ª õ , and whether you have a philosophical interest or an inner fear you want to address, Staring at the Sun is both illuminating and ultimately reassuring.