START HERE NOW by Susan Piver

by: Susan Piver

This little book is perfect in almost every way, as long as you don’t mind it being unashamedly Buddhist. It fits elegantly inside the palm of your hand and the text is beautifully laid out. And anyway – mindfulness is Buddhism. If you want to take your practice a bit further in that direction, this book forms a perfect introduction. Susan Piver is a high-profile teacher of long-standing in America and her teaching here is tolerant and intelligent. She tells stories about how she has failed and how she has picked her life up again. Buddhism is the great technique for helping you start again. She helps you work out which form of Buddhism is best for you. She guides you how to set up your practice. I found this book so inspiring in coaxing me gently to build up a resilient meditation routine. I honestly can’t recommend it highly enough.

Paperback, 192pp, 2015

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