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by: Gill Edwards

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Madeleine Walker

'Hi! For me it has to be Stepping into the Magic by Gill Edwards: one of the first mind-body-spirit books that I ever read. I was walking around WHSmith, looking for a birthday card and just happened to glance at the book section. I saw the title, which roused my curiosity. I remember it said something like 'growing through joy rather than struggle,' and, as my life felt like a big struggle at the time, I thought, 'I could do with some of that!' It opened up my mind to so many new concepts and fed my thirst for spiritual knowledge, which blossomed after reading that book. I often wonder what made me look at the book shelf when I was looking for a birthday card! The universe works in mysterious ways and this book certainly opened up my mind to spirit. Thank you, Gill!!' Blessings, Madeleine Walker

We are in a period of change and transformation. The onset of a new millennium is a time to question our old assumptions and approaches and to wake up to a new vision of reality. Stepping into the Magic offers a practical approach to everyday life which helps us to heal the age-old divisions between spirit and matter, heaven and earth, masculine and feminine, individuality and oneness. Through a magical blend of metaphysics, shamanism and psychology, Gill Edwards gives a series of practical exercises that will help you to create success in your life, understand what your body is saying to you, develop your psychic skills and fulfil your true potential.
256pp, 135mm x 216mm, Paperback, 2006

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