by: Colin Wilson

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Have you ever noticed a sudden feeling of euphoria, acute perception or heightened optimism - brief occasions of intense well-being that appear in stark contrast to normal consciousness? What if you could stay there? In Super Consciousness, Colin Wilson shows us how we can turn these fleeting moments into enduring 'peak experiences', summoned at will, with the power to transform our everyday lives. In a work of immense importance, with deep implications for our future, he collates the findings of more than fifty years' observation and research into the phenomenon. Offering aneCDotes and examples of how many people in history (as well as himself) have been affected, and with huge optimism in the potential of the human mind to rise to new and higher levels of awareness, Wilson reveals a theory for the attainment of an intensified consciousness, a paradigm for a renewed humanity. He shows how each of us can harness our own ability to find fulfilment and happiness, and our own true place in the world.
272pp, 125mm x 197mm, Paperback, 2011

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